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The Masonic Revolution (1910)  The Masonic Revolution (1910)
The Seers Kidnapped (August 13-15, 1917)  The Seers Kidnapped (August 13-15, 1917)
The Church's Position (1917-1920)  The Church's Position (1917-1920)
Fatima Combated in Portugal (March 6, 1922)  Fatima Combated in Portugal (March 6, 1922)
Church Approval and Attack on Fatima (1930-2004)  Church Approval and Attack on Fatima (1930-2004)
Burying Fatima (2000-2004)  Burying Fatima (2000-2004)
Chronology of a Fatima Cover-Up (1929-2004)  Cronologia di una mistificazioneChronology of Four Cover-Up Campaigns  Fatima: A Strangely Persistent Mystery (An Introduction)   Persecution of Father Gruner  Suppression of the Third Secret  Consecration of Russia Disinformation  Silencing of Sister Lucy  ConclusionSilencing of the Messengers  Father Fuentes (1959-1965)  Sister Lucy (1960-Present)  Father Alonso (1975-Present)  Father Gruner (1989-...)  Il Sacerdote di Fatima

Attacks on Our Lady and Her Shrines  The Shrine at Fatima (2003-2004)  Other Attacks on Marian Shrines
In Defense of Fatima - The Theology of Mary of Miracles of Prophecy of the Church of Apostasy Replies to Subtle Errors spread against Fatima

In Defense of Fatima - The Response Replies to Personal Attacks Replies to Attacks from Father Robert Fox  Father Fox's Modernist Assault on Fatima  Father Fox Continues to Defend the Indefensible